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Logo Design Frequently Asked Questions

A distinctive logo is the foundation to successful branding and marketing. It will provide an instantly recognizable image, represent what your company offers, and visually communicate the character and personality of your company.

In today’s world of hyper-competitive online business, a custom-made, professional logo is essential to your business’ success. Logos are effectively used on marketing material such as business cards, letterhead, envelops, brochures, folders, and mailers. In additional, printing your logo on promotional items such as shirts, uniforms, mugs, key chains, flash drives, sports bottles, pens, and calendars can leave a lasting impression that will be seen on a daily basis by a potential client and those that interact with that client.

How does the logo design process work?

There are 3 steps to bringing your logo to completion:

Step 1


Send us any existing company logos and marketing materials along with your design ideas and preferences. We welcome your input regarding brands you prefer, color schemes, images and fonts. We will do industry research based on the information you provide.

Within 3-10 business days, you will receive several designs from which to choose. (Example)

Step 2


Three days after you choose your design, you will receive your chosen logo design with any revisions suggested. Once you review and approve the final logo, we will proceed to the final step.

Note: Revisions depend upon the logo package selected. Any revisions beyond the package allowance will be billed separately.

Step 3


The final step is the creation of your logo in Pantone Spot (if applicable), or CMYK and Black and White versions.

We will make your logo ready for distribution to any marketing vendor so you’ll have no hassles with file formats. We can deliver your logo in AI, EPS, PDF, PSD, PNG or JPG in a ZIP file via email and/or we can send you a CD.

How long does it take before I can see my logo concepts?

The time we take to design the samples is 3-10 days, depending on our project timeline and workload.

How many changes can I make to my logo?

The amount of revisions we allow depends on which package you have purchased. If you request more revisions they will be billed per hour starting at $90/hour depending on difficulty.

What if I don't like any of initial logo concepts?

If you are not happy with the initial logo concepts you can upgrade to a package that includes more concepts (i.e. If you buy a 5 concept package and you want more choices, you can upgrade to the 10 concept package which will give you 5 additional concepts and 2 additional revisions). If there is not a package larger than the one you have purchased, then you have the option of purchasing design hours to create more options. Design hours are billed at $75-$110/hour depending on which designer is available. Usually our clients approve at least 2 of the logo design samples we provide and then we improve upon them with the revisions allowed in the package.

What if I have my own idea for my logo?

Any idea that may help our designer create a logo to your satisfaction can be sent in once you have purchased our services.

Can you redo my existing logo?


Who keeps rights to the company logo design?

The rights of the logo chosen are given to the client while rights to the concept remains with Elevology.

Am I entitled to a refund if the design provided is not what I want?

We do not provide a refund no matter what the circumstances. This is because our designers have already worked those hours to create your logo. We will refer back to your provided information where you sent us any existing company logos and marketing you have used, description of your wishes and instructions. If you are not satisfied with the logo, we will sometimes provide a redraw and have a different designer make a new set of logos for a different perspective.

What color format do you provide the logos in?

We provide the logo in CMYK colors unless the client has requested specific Pantone or "Spot Colors".

What are CMYK colors?

CMYK or "Process Color" is a system of using four standard inks (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) and mixing them on the press to create a wide variety of different colors. While using process color is the most cost effective solution, it also has its downside. Using process color will not print exactly the same every time. Colors vary with each job and each printer. This may not be a significant issue for some companies. However, if a client prefers all of their marketing to match perfectly, they will need to choose their colors from a Pantone color chart that we will provide.

Can I get my logo in RGB colors?

CMYK colors are convertible to RGB colors (also known as screen colors). However, when printing with RGB colors, the colors will not be accurate. Therefore, they are best used for websites only.

What is Spot Color?

Spot Color is a method of specifying and printing colors in which each color is printed with its own ink. The client chooses Pantone colors from our color chart and we use those color codes on every print job. The ink is mixed to match that specific color. This is highly recommended for clients that are particular about all their marketing material matching exactly. Using spot colors will cost more than using Process Color. Spot color is effective when the printed matter contains only one to three different colors. Printing more than 3 spot colors can be prohibitively more expensive.

What is the difference between a "redraw" and a "revision"?

Revisions are changes made to your logo concepts. This includes color, size, font or building upon the design at hand. A redraw is when we design a new set of logo concepts based on your feedback.

Do I need to prepare anything regarding my logo?

We do not require our clients to prepare anything regarding their logo. However, we do ask you to provide any existing company logos and marketing you have used, description of your wishes and instructions. This will help our designers produce concepts that fit within your preferences. If you decide to work with a designer on your logo, you may use these steps to collect useful information.

  1. Collect examples of logos you like and dislike (not necessarily industry specific)
  2. Compile a list of adjectives describing qualities you'd like to convey about your company.
  3. Let the designer know any color and text preferences and taboos.
  4. Describe how you intend to use the logo. (We enjoy total creativity on projects, but we do not know your business and your competitors the way you do. Your input is critical to the success of your project.)

How do I choose a logo?

Designers at Elevology know what to consider when developing a logo and all of the concepts we provide usually meet those requirements. When a client gets involved in the design process, the design can sometimes tend to stray from those boundaries. Therefore, you should consider these questions when choosing a logo.

  • Does it communicate in black and white as well as in color? (This is important for when your logo is put in a newspaper ad or sent through a fax machine)
  • Does it resize well? (Try looking at it at different sizes to see if it is still readable.)
  • If the logo uses words or letters, are they recognizable? (You don't want to have to explain your logo)
  • Is the design consistent with the character and personality you want to convey? (Bubble letters in a law firm's logo would not work as well as something with straight lines that have more control and are uniform.)
  • Is it distinctive? (Be unique! A logo that is exactly like someone else will not help you stand out from the crowd and is not worth the time and money put into it.)
  • Does it suggest any unwanted associations? (Think of your logo as an inkblot test for a moment. Could it be misunderstood for anything else?)
  • Do you like it enough to use it enthusiastically? (You need to be excited about your logo and feel confident enough with it to use it for the long term. If you feel good about it, others will too and you will be more inclined to use it proudly!)

How often should I change my logo?

You should plan to use your logo for at least 20 years. Changing your logo can wipe out all the brand equity that has been built up over the years. Changing a logo shouldn't be done without serious consideration. Example of reasons that are acceptable are if your business has changed its direction significantly and will be offering services or products that do not fit the current logo or your current logo isn’t working within the requirements above.

Can I protect my logo legally?

Absolutely! We can discuss protecting your logo through a registered trademark. This process will make sure that your logo doesn't infringe on another company's trademark. If that is the case, it is possible the logo would have to be changed after you have used it.

Can I have a 3D logo?

We can design a 3D logo. If you prefer a 3D logo, you will be billed higher designer rates and extra billable time as 3D logos are more complex. Even though it is possible for a 3D logo to be produced, we do not advise it. Logos in 3D can be difficult to use on some marketing material and can get difficult to read when shrunken down.

In what formats will my logo be available?

We will have your logo saved in AI, PDF, EPS, and JPG formats. These are all high resolution and can be used for anything you need.

How will I review the concepts?

When the designer has your concepts ready, you will get a PDF proof emailed to you. You can respond to the concepts as far as selection, revisions, etc. in a reply email or you can set up a meeting with our design department to discuss your thoughts. This can be a better approach, as it can be confusing to try to communicate creative ideas via email or phone.

Do you have any pre-designed logos?

No, all of our logos are custom-made! We design them specifically for your company. Individuality is important in branding and we are dedicated to helping your company stand out from the competition!

How is my logo delivered?

Once you approve the final logo design, we will request the final payment. After the payment is processed, we will either send you your logo via email or, if the file is too large, we will send you a link where you can download the files from our Dropbox (online server). If you prefer to have the files on a CD, we can provide that for you as well. We also keep a copy of the logo on file for any future projects or edits and in case you lose yours for some reason.

What our Clients are Saying

  • It has been such a pleasure to work with Elevology and especially its CEO, Donnie Rollins. From the very beginning, Donnie was so immersed in understanding our condo and our marketing needs. He was good about listenings and then suggesting and bouncing ideas off of us. As he took our conversations and tied them into reality, he truly captured the essence of who we are and where we wanted to go. We could not be more pleased with Donnie, with Elevology and with our new web site.
    Carol Loeb, President
    Sandcastle Council of Owners Association
  • My new look is Chic modern and mobile friendly.
    Charlotte Neal
    Houston Outcall Massage
  • Elevology offers great service and Donnie is always quick to answer any questions or concerns I have. I highly recommend them for your small business online services, they will not disappoint.
    Las Vegas
  • Our experience with Elevology has been of the utmost professionalism and quality. Mr. Rollins is a pleasure to work with. He promptly responds to our requests when changes are necessary to our web site. We highly recommend Elevology.
    Carl and Laurel Milentz
    Milentz Self Storage
  • Donnie Rollins is a great asset to our company and has an outstanding work ethic! He not only goes above and beyond the call of duty, but he has actually become part of our evolving progress to serve our overseas customers. I am very appreciative of Donnie Rollins' involvement in the branding of our company and his creative development of our website. We look forward to our many more years of great service and advice from a gentleman we consider part of our team.
    Tom George, CEO
  • We very much appreciate Mr. Rollin’s pleasant demeanor and his quick responses to when we have problems or need assistance in problem solving. As for this Court we would highly recommend Mr. Rollins and his company, Elevology, for any and all IT service needs.
    Connie Crenshaw CMCC
    Municipal Court Clerk Administrator
    City of Luling, Caldwell County, Texas
  • After recently acquiring a competitor and effectively doubling our production, we decided a make-over was in order. The team at Elevology worked with us in the midst of transition to totally re-design our company logo, websites, and install a voip phone network. Every aspect of the job has been handled with obvious dedication to meeting customer needs. Elevology is a prime pick for IT needs, web design, and more.
    J. Carroll
    AJAX Environmental
  • I like Donnie a lot, he is a good person. He is very smart and very efficient. I like the fact that he takes his personal Christian values to his company which to me it's honest, trustworthy, efficient and very professional. I would love to use Elevology with any personal and professional projects I have in the future.
    Karen Rocha

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